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About us

Who We are

We’re a doorway. A boutique concept art studio that creates living and breathing characters and timeless designs to make your story standout in today’s hyper-noisy and complex world. We’re Mooncolony.

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timelooper inc.
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Our Clients

“We’ve been collaborating with Mooncolony for the past two and a half years, developing character illustrations for our game, “Legendary: Game of Heroes”.  It’s been a pleasure working with Emrah; he and his talented group of artists are reliable, receptive to feedback, and their character design and illustration skills are exceptional.”

blake lyons
Character Art Director
n3TWORK, Inc.

"We worked closely with Mooncolony from the very start of Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death. They not only gave us world class artwork, but helped shape the very look and feel of the entire game. We couldn't be more proud of the world they have helped us create."

Company Director
Salix Games

“Mooncolony is a crucial partner in all of our projects who widens our visual perspective and concepts. For us, the most exciting part is the concept design stage. We always get more than our expectations. And that helps us to open new doors on our creative approach. A big thumbs up to Mooncolony and Emrah!”

alper ozyurtlu
Creative Director
Timelooper, Inc.