Who we are

A great journey begins here.

Designers at heart and storytellers by nature. We are Mooncolony.

Founded in 2016, Mooncolony is a boutique concept art studio based in Cambridge, UK. We create award-winning characters, illustrations and world-class artwork for our partners around the world. Designing by heart, our seasoned artists give life to stories by creating transcending characters. To deliver the best work, we work with top international talent and best emerging artists under one roof. Say hi and drop us a line. We’re open.

What we do

Crafting stories with powerful characters.

In today's entertainment, most of the characters feel and look the same. At Mooncolony, we do things quite differently. We tell unique stories through relatable character designs: imagining how they would interact with their world. That’s at the heart of our success. And this is what we’re most ambitious about.

How we do it

Deeply rooted in art, we’re dedicated to creating unique narratives that are larger than life.

Never settle on mediocrity. Never stop collaborating. And never start without a “why”. At Mooncolony, we always overdeliver and add new values to your stories. This idea has been our guiding principle ever since. And it has led us to create outstanding work.

Our Capabilities
What our team delivers everyday
concept art
character design
marketing art
art direction
Core members of our team

Founder & Art Director

Emrah is an award-winning artist and art director who has been working in the video game and entertainment industries for more than 13 years. With many AAA titles and publications under his belt, he founded Mooncolony to pursue his dream of creating the best boutique art studio in the world. Since then, Emrah and his team of amazing artists have been collaborating with the biggest names in the business and creating their own IP’s.


Senior Concept Artist

Ekaterina is a concept artist specialised in character and creature design. She has 9+ years experience creating concepts of characters for games doing everything from designing and texturing to providing direction to artists both in-house and outsource.


Senior Concept Artist

Dmitry is an experienced concept artist specialising in creature and character design and have 9+ years of experience in the video game industry. He has collaborated with some of the top studios in the business and brought his vision to countless blockbuster projects.